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Mysterious Kabila’s Sister Chairs Defense Commission, Tough Political Games In DRC


One of the most powerful positions in the Congolese National Assembly is the Chairperson of the Defence and Security Commission.

It is rarely talked about, but it is very crucial in determining survival of National Defence.

It is via this commission that DRC’s most classified matters of Defence and Security are discussed and endorsed before any money is released to finance; welfare of troops, war machines, operations and training among others.

This is the commission that is now headed by the sister of former President, Joseph Kabila.

According to the DRC constitution, Kabila is now Senator for life, a title only reserved for a former head of state.

Kabila-allied parties, CACH-FCC, controls the majority seats in both the National Assembly and the provincial assemblies.

On October 30, legislators arrived in the National Assembly chambers and witnessed the appointment of Chairpersons of standing committees.

Jaynet Kabila was elected to head the Defence and Security Commission.

Critics of the ruling coalition considered this appointment as a reward to the Kabila network largely feared to be conducting behind the scenes manipulation to wield enormous power.

Sources close to the Presidency of the Democratic Republic of Congo indicate that President Félix Tshisekedi has noticed all these moves by the Kabila faction and he is also piecing together a long-term strategy to take control of the Army.

Also Jeune Afrique reported on Tuesday, Tshisekedi is considering to seriously overhauling the national security system which is still under tight control by men loyal to former President, Kabila.

President Tshisekedi is expected to continue making adjustments slowly just as he is currently integrating his party members into the government, but their appointments are blocked by the national assembly mostly controlled by Kabila.

Kabila has literally set a network that will play the behind the scenes chess game to prepare for his grand comeback in 2023.

Experts explain that with Ngoy Mukena at the Ministry of National Defense, General Célestin Mbala Munsense as the head of the General Staff of the Congolese Army, Jaynet “Kabila” as Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the Lower House of Parliament, “Joseph Kabila” has created the military-security loop.

Sources say the Tshisekedi inspired military campaign against foreign militia is not being supported by Kabila and this could be the biggest reason why the two men are silently arm-twisting each other for control.

For example, in North Kivu, the recent concentration of operations against the Allied Democratic Front Rebels has made Kabila a bitter man.

During his reign, he left the ADF rebels control vast territory in this part of the country. The residents had been under the control of these rebels.

Jamil Mukulu, the leader of ADF, currently in detention in Uganda, reports say, is an old acquaintance of Kabila.

Congolese sources also mention that Kabila and Mukulu both lived under one roof at No. 55 Bocage Avenue, in the Kinois district of “Ma Campagne”.

As one of his major pledges at inauguration, President Tshisekedi wants to flush out all foreign militia in Congo which experts believe is a test to whether he can wrestle the invisible hand of Kabila in all these militia groups.

In January 2015, Jamil Mukulu was captured in Tanzania and handed over to Uganda, but ADF did not lose strength or coordination just like other groups disintegrate when their figure head is eliminated.

For example, Mukulu is said to have been in possession with a Congolese passport alongside dozens of other travel documents but nobody during Kabilas reign questioned Mukulu on how he acquired Congolese citizenship and travel documents.

Even Ugandan authorities have not queried the Congolese government on details of who issued Mukulu a Congolese travel document.

The Congolese government has never dared to be a civil party in the case against “Mukulu” before criminal courts in Kampala.

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