Museveni’s Secretary Insulted For Mocking Bobi Wine

Molly Kamukama, the Principal Private Secretary to Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni, is facing extreme public condemnation for mocking the miserable opposition parliamentarian, a.k.a Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine (Kyagulanyi) travelled to the USA for treatment after being tortured and beaten by security forces during a recent parliamentary rally to support an opposition candidate in Arua, Northern Uganda.

Kamukama posted what those attacking her called “a disgusting” tweet dismissing Bobi Wine’s illness and instead said he was on his way to conduct a meeting.

“Just someone (sic) going to attend his meetings accompanied by his dear wife,” she said in a tweeter thread reacting to an earlier post by Charles Onyango Obbo, a Ugandan author and journalist.

Obbo was condemning the recent hurling of bottles and stones at a Ugandan artist Bebe Cool at a concert.

Bebe Cool is a fan and supporter of Museveni and his government.

Obbo tweeted a half dressed artist escorted off stage by security that, “Barbaric violence against Bobi Wine and other opposition figures by the Kampala government and the pelting of Bebe Cool by intolerant fans for his pro-regime stance, are two faces of the same coin. Repression has radicalized politics; and Uganda could be hurtling off the cliff.”

This is what Kamukama responded to.

She said, “that doesn’t fit your description!”

And then it backfired.

The picture she posted is not only two years old, but it is one of the couple while on vocation.

Kamukama was criticised for using the photo to mock the sick politician who was tortured by her boss’ government.

She went defense, only to make things worse.

She was reminded how humble she used to be when she was still serving as a commissioner at the electoral commission.

And that now that she is in state house, she has become arrogant and abusive.

The twitter trolling hasn’t ended.

Meanwhile, Bobi Wine arrived in the USA on Saturday.

He said in a tweet that he will tell the world what exactly happened in the Arua violent attack on him and other MPs who are also hospitalised.



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