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Museveni Dozes Off As Putin Explains Agenda For Africa


The weather forecast shows that temperature is perfect in Sochi- an Olympic city in Russia hosting the ongoing Russia-Africa summit. For most Africans room temperature in Sochi is just as it is back home not exceeding 27.2°C.

For the host, the Russia-Africa Summit is an important platform the first-ever that is signaling the revival of Russia back to global arena.

A plenary session at the Sochi Olympic Park Main Media Centre, attracted about 3000 delegates and dozens of African heads of state and government stuffed in to keep track of presentations and discussions.

Athletic President Paul Kagame leading the African delegation at the summit, doubles as Chairperson of the East African Economic block. The summit opening session coincided with his Birthday and President Putin congratulated him while hosting the leaders of regional blocs at a round table.

However, a score of African leaders used this opportunity to take a nap. Many had dozed off and didn’t hear or see what was being presented or discussed during the plenary session.

Cyril Ramaphosa President of South Africa, the continents only country that seats on the same table of honour with Russia through the BRICS platform was also seen lost in slumber land as deliberations continued.

The total flight duration from Johannesburg, South Africa to Moscow, Russia is 11 hours, 50 minutes. From Moscow to the venue of the summit it takes almost 2hours flight. This means that Ramaphosa spent almost 14hours airborne and used this plenary session to answer nature.

Uganda’s President Yoweri  Museveni flew to Sochi by private Jet and spent a staggering 12 hours airborne before arriving in Sochi for the Summit. Nature overpowered him during the Plenary session and took a deep nap. His handlers will inform him of the details of the discussions.

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