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MTN Rwanda Announces Cashless Music Festival

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On Thursday, Rwanda’s biggest Telecom MTN launched the first ever Cashless Music Festival it has dubbed the Sawa Sawa Music Festival.

The telecom company said this festival is largely targeting the country’s Youth which it believes are Trendsetters and therefore considers them as progressive, passionate in their struggle, creative and highly inspirational.

“We want to celebrate the youth of Rwanda by bringing them together to make Rwanda’s biggest music festival happen. We want to celebrate their potential, success, passion, progressiveness, energy, creativity, skills, experiences and so much more,” MTN said.

On the cashless narrative, MTN says, “is our way of providing a fully digitized event by having MoMoPay as a convenient, easy and secure way of transacting. We also aim to support Rwanda’s national agenda on promoting a cashless economy.”

“We are going to have a fully cashless 3-day music festival where Rwanda’s music stars, international headline artistes, other music stars from the region and our local fashion houses will thrill our festival goers,” MTN told Journalists.