Mrs Kabila Loves Feeding Lion Cubs



The photo of Congolese former First Lady feeding lion cubs is very fascinating and an endorsement to conservation. The photo that is doing rounds on social media breaks silence on what the former first family could be doing in a private life out of office.

Almost two years after leaving the busy and highly protected life as first family, Kabila family seems to be setting a good example of how Congolese leaders may live after office.

For example Kabila himself has been seen riding a monster Harley Davidson on the streets of Kinshasa in company with other bikers.

Mrs Kabila the mother of two also popularly known as Maman olive Lembe Kabila has also shown that life outside first family arrangements can also be extremely sweet.

The former first lady was born in the small town of Kaïlo, located in the eastern province of Maniema in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on 29 July 1976, to Barnabé di Sita and Léonie Kasembe Okomba, a woman of mixed Belgian and Congolese descent.

Kabila’s family was not wealthy and her father died when she was still quite young. Her mother remarried and relocated to the town of Kirotshe, located roughly thirty kilometers from the eastern Congolese city of Goma, where Kabila attended the Mushindi primary school from 1982 to 1987.

She then went to the Institut Maendeleo in Goma for her secondary education from 1987 to 1992. After Kabila graduated from the Institut Maendeleo, she created her own store in Goma in 1993. Her determination to succeed led her to sell door to door and she worked hard to overcome the poor economic situation in the Congo.

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