Moview Review: The Predator; Jesus Wept



Synopsis: When a young boy accidentally triggers the universe’s most lethal hunters’ return to Earth, only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled science teacher can prevent the end of the human race.

Director: Shane Black

Writers: Fred Dekker, Shane Black

Stars: Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay

If you’re out there looking for something entertaining, a little funny, suspenseful with catchy one-liners mixed with a great an unforgettable badass cast, look no more. Predator (1987) is your go to movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Brief History of the Franchise

A bunch of mercenaries are sent into a jungle to investigate a mysterious disappearance of their colleagues (Predator 1987). A predator hunts criminals and drug lords in L.A (Predator 2 1990). Predators lure a group humans into a pyramid in the Antarctic (AVP 2004). A predator ship crashes in a remote village carrying facehuggers and an Alien-predator hybrid (AVP-Requiem 2007).

Humans and Predators are dropped on an outer space planet to hunt each other. (Predators 2010)

Written and Directed by Shane Black, who also appeared in the original Predator movie as comic relief and director of Iron Man 3, The predator looked like a promising movie to revitalize a 31 year old franchise. A continuation that gives nods to its predecessors. Not a reboot. It falls flat.

What worked

There is not so much that worked for this movie. It feels like it had multiple scripts and every actor read a different one. For the first time Olivia Munn acts like she read a script. She’s still terrible though. Jacob Tremblay proves that he is the best child actor in Hollywood. The last scene about a predator killer suit seems to set up the next movie. That’s pretty much it.

What did not work


I never dreamt of a day when when I would watch a movie about a Alien from outer space, a stealth ruthless killer, a skilled hunter that conquered space turned into a comedy. It’s okay to have a little comedy in a movie like predator but no one expected the whole movie to turn into a comedy. Booooooooo!


As badass as Boyd Holbrook was in 2017’s Logan, he doesn’t feel right to take on the predator. A more muscular more established actor would have been a good call. The rest of the cast acts as if there’s nothing scary or to worry about while facing an invisible invincible trophy hunter that stalks its prey before killing it for fun. At some point you just feel like walking away. Whose idea was Keegan-Michael Key? He’s a good actor and all, not for Predator hence, meh.

Predator Dogs

Jesus knows everything before it happens. I’m sure he wept when he learnt what what they wanted to do with the predator dogs. The worst idea in the entire franchise including all the Alien movies and prometheus.


“Ain’t got time to bleed” .. “If it bleeds, we can kill it”.. “Get to the chopper”,.. “You’re one big ugly..mother* (censored)” remember all those catchy one liners that have span decades? Hold onto them. The predator attempts to put a couple of them, and they fail miserably. They get annoying in the first act of the movie.


The Predator is a shallow boring movie ends in an anticlimactic sequence that leaves with you the.. “uhmm, that’s it?” reaction but you’re glad it’s over and just wish you had been warned. It’s ome of those movies where the trailer is far better than the actual movie.

Hopefully, they will fix their mistakes in the sequel or just let the franchise die peacefully in its sleep for a potential future reboot. The action is quite interesting. Some deaths are okay, but most of them are just goofy. If you’re not a predator-Alien diehard, it is skippable. It deserves 45%

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