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MONUSCO Mandate Extended Until December 2021

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The United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Congo (MONUSCO) will continue with its work in DRC for the next one year until December 20, 2021- the United Nations Security Council resolved on Friday.

This decision came through a resolution adopted on Friday, December 19 by 14 votes in favour and one abstention (Russia).  The decision was taken according to the general report of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guitteres, on the current state of the DRC.

However, this is not the first time, the UN Security Council extends its peacekeeping missions mandate in the troubled DRC.

The Monusco had until December 20, 2020 to pack and leave, however, earlier this week, Jean-Pierre Lacroix the Assistant Secretary General of UN flew to Kinshasa to negotiate an extension for Monusco.

This new mandate will focus on the following strategic axes: protecting civilians and supporting the stabilization and strengthening of state institutions in the DRC as well as the main reforms in governance and security.

Meanwhile, the Security Council has asked the General Secretariat to significantly reduce the level of Monusco’s military deployment in areas of operation and in regions where the threat from armed groups is no longer significant.

Monusco has been directed to work with the Office of the Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary General for the Great Lakes, in the search for political solutions that can put an end to the cross-border flows of armed groups and minerals from conflicts that threaten peace and the stability in DRC.

The Security Council has also directed Monusco to gradually transfer its tasks the DRC government and to the United Nations country team and to other relevant stakeholders in order to allow a sustainable and responsible exit from the peace operation.

Monusco is composed of 14,000 military personnel, 660 for military observers and staff officers, 581 for police officers and 1050 members of formed police units.

The UN peacekeeping mission in Congo was established by the United Nations Security Council in resolutions 1279 (1999) and 1291 (2000) of the United Nations Security Council to monitor the peace process of the Second Congo War, though much of its focus subsequently turned to the Ituri conflict, the Kivu conflict and the Congo conflict.

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