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Minister Nyanvumba Tables Bill Proposing Rwf700m Initial Investment For Private Security Companies

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In a bid to improve the quality of services offered by private security companies in Rwanda, new market entrants will be required to mobilize at least Rwf700m as their initial investment.

Of that, Rwf200m must be liquid cash on their account to cater for operations, including salaries for their staff for at least six months before they secure contracts.

Then the remaining Rwf500m should be the value in assets such as equipment and ammunition, among other things.

The requirements are part of the draft bill tabled parliament on Tuesday Internal Security Minister, Gen. Patrick Nyanvumba.

A plenary session heard from Gen. Nyanvumva that this proposal is meant to tackle challenges in the sector.

The Minister told MPS that his bill is informed by the assessment conducted to establish the current situation. He said Private Security Service Providers are facing worrying challenges though generally the security situation at key facilities and infrastructures guarded by these very private security providers is good.

“There is still a critical issue of substandard professionalism in many licensed Private Security Service Providers (PSSPs) leading to poor quality service delivery,” he said.

He said many of the challenges in the sector are largely caused but not limited to recruitment of substandard personnel, immediate deployment of security guards without sufficient training, and irregular salary payment for the security guards.With lack of financial and technical capabilities, the sector is also experiencing poor hygiene, reckless searching, supervision of staff and over exploitation of personnel and poor welfare.

Other security concerns include handling theft, drug dealing, prostitution and noise pollution. This bill is meant to ensure ability to increase professional search, inspection, vigilance and real time information sharing.

Currently, there are 17 licensed companies in Rwanda with over 19, 700 members combined.

The parliament gave the bill an initial blessing pending further assessment before passing. This was the first appearance before MPs by Gen. Nyanvumba since he was appointed end last year.