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Minister Evode Pledges Government Support For RIB To Fulfill Its Mandate


The State Minister for Constitutional and Legal Affairs, Evode Uwizeyimana, has pledged to continue close assistance to the newly created Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB).

He made this remark on October 31, when he was opening a consultative meeting on a six-year Strategic Plan to run from 2018 to 2024.

The event was held at Lemigo Hotel.

RIB officially took over criminal investigation responsibilities from Rwanda National Police (RNP) in April 2018.

Among its responsibilities, include professionalism in preventing, discovering and prosecuting cases for the promotion and respect for human rights.

Minister Uwizeyimana said that part of the responsibilities the Ministry of Justice is to ensure RIB has the right environment to deliver on its functions.

“It is an institution that must have a vision, it was given responsibilities by the law. What they have to do is to tell us what they need to implement them,” he said.

“What the Ministry of Justice is doing is advocating for this institution so that it may find the necessary requirements whether in terms of building the capacity of the staff, material capacity and knowing if it has laws in place that enable it to achieve its responsibilities. That is what we will assist this institution with, the same way we assist other institutions that we oversee,” he added.

RIB General Secretary, Col. Jeannot Ruhunga, said that the purpose of this 6-year strategic plan is to assess where they have come from, the present situation and the vision of the institution.

“Normally, a strategic plan is aimed at showing you where you stand, your vision and the requirements to reach there and the strategy you will use to reach there,” he explained.

Col. Ruhunga added that over the next 6 years, RIB will focus on training personnel so that they may have adequate capacity in handling crimes successfully while at the same time offering good services.

The main areas of priority will be building capacity including acquiring modern equipment that will facilitate RIB to fulfill its responsibilities.

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