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Maï-Maï Clash With Congolese Army On Kabila Farm


Property valued in millions of Congolese francs has been destroyed during the violent gun battle between Congolese forces FARDC and Maï-Maï militia.

The clashes which occurred on Thursday were an attempt by the Maï-Maï militia to dislodge the Kabila guards from the farm located at Kabasha in Rwenzori Sector, North Kivu province.

A FARDC Capt. Mak Hazukay, spokesperson for the Grand Nord operational area, says that these militiamen wanted to steal cows.

“We are on the ground in Kabasha with Operation Commander Gen. Marcel Mbangu. This is a Maï-Maï attack on one of our positions. From the outset, we can say that they came to steal cows as usual. They have come up against the resistance of our troops who are in the vicinity of this farm, “said Capt. Hazukay.

All activities have been paralyzed since this morning in Kabasha.

In 2016,  President Joseph Kabila has started moving some of his 28,000 cattle to Tanzania.

Some of the cattle reportedly left the farm at Kundelungu and passed through Pweto to Moba, and embarked on the trip to Tanzania.

Out the 28,000 heads of cattle, reports show that only 6,000 were currently remaining in the farm.

Kabila’s term is set to expire this year as per the constitution adopted in 2006

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