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M23 Rebels Set Up Administration in Captured Territory

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Reliable information reaching Taarifa Investigative desk indicates that the M23 movement has set up a formal administration almost 40 days after the rebels captured Bunagana (Rutshuru territory) in North Kivu .

After successfully capturing this strategic border town and conquest of several other villages in the Jomba groupement following the fighting with the FARDC.

The rebel movement has since set up its administration, notably at the head of the Jomba group, which includes a total of 8 villages.

Last April, the M23 said however “that it never intended to conquer areas to administer them, our only motivation is the peaceful settlement of the crisis”.

Meanwhile, as M23 has formally set up an admnistration in the captured territory, the DRC-RWANDA mixed commission which met from Wednesday 20 to Thursday 21 July, in Luanda, Angola, has called for a rapid deployment of the Regional Force within the framework of the Nairobi process.

During these meetings the DRC and Rwanda agreed on the operationalization of the ad-hoc mechanism for verifying accusations in the context of restoring mutual trust.

This mechanism will be placed under the direction of a General Officer of the Republic of Angola, the two parties have requested João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, President of the Republic of Angola, Mediator appointed by the African Union, to quickly appoint the General officer concerned, assisted by a team of Angolan observers and liaison officers designated respectively by each of the parties.

According to the final communiqué, the two parties agreed to grant the facilities in particular; security, transport and access to the land concerned by the mission,…in their respective territories, to the members of this Mechanism to accomplish their mission.

As for the reactivation of the ECRs, the parties agree to resume regular contacts between the heads of their respective Defense and Security Services. These contacts should contribute to the re-establishment of mutual trust.

In a statement released Thursday, July 20, Dr. Denis Mukwege expressed his disapproval of the imminent establishment of a regional EAC force in eastern DRC.