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Letter From An Intern To Secretary General of Rwanda Investigation Bureau

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Dear Secretary General, 

It was an honor to receive an opportunity to work at RIB. My time was very  short but I learned a lot about how we operate and execute a task in the investigation field. I started with Interpol then went to Cybercrime, Isange One Stop Center, Human Trafficking then ended with Drug Trafficking.

I am very impressed with my country on how far it has come and I am very excited to start university knowing that I will work for my country in the future. I am also excited to see how the field of investigation in Rwanda has grown over time.

My experience at RIB enhanced my perspective towards  pursuing a degree of criminal justice.  Interpol really fascinated me. It blows my mind when I think of all the resources they have and to see that the people working there wouldn’t let a case slide. If one plan didn’t work they always had a plan B after. I am very grateful for Interpol because if it wasn’t for it we’d have criminals easily roaming around countries.

Today anybody in the possession of a laptop can be a huge threat to society. We have bank robbers that manipulate everything from their screens, cyber terrorists, bombs that are being detonated by a single push of a button, identity theft, and many more sorts of Cyber crimes. Not only is cybercrime division important to RIB, but it is a necessity in today’s world.

I personally loved my time in the department of Isange One Stop Center because I am a firm believer that women should have the same opportunities as men and should be treated the same way as men are treated.

Rwanda is proving to show an interest in empowering women, from having 61% of parliamentarians as women to making a safe space for women in Isange, Rwanda is on the verge of dominating the world.

One thing that caught my attention during this internship that could potentially change is the way we approach a potential suspect.

By that, I mean using a certain rubric while talking to a suspect depending on the extent to which he is guilty. The RIB organization showed that there’s a future in the investigation field for young people like me.

In conclusion I would like to thank the Secretary general and the whole RIB staff for having me and for welcoming me with open arms and for showing me what it really means to work for an investigation bureau.


Editor’s Note:

Isaac Kalima is a highschool graduate from the Army and Navy Accademy, CA and is a freshman year in Criminal Justice at the University of Laverne, in California, USA. He is nineteen years old.