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Legalise ‘Weed’ Says Kenya’s Roots Party Presidential Candidate

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George Wajackoyah the flag bearer of Kenya’s Roots Party and candidate in the upcoming August Presidential elections has promised to legalise local production of marijuana to jumpstart the country’s economy.

His marijuana agenda has caught the attention of the ruling Jubilee party’s Vice Chairperson David Murathe arguing its medicinal use should not be overlooked.

Wajackoyah has hinged his bid on legalizing marijuana if elected in the August polls noting that the venture will have tremendous economic benefits.

It is on this basis that Murathe asserted that Wajackoyah’s proposal is feasible.

“I like what he is saying about weed. I saw a documentary the other day about weed in South Africa but it is not your normal weed, this is medicinal,” he said.

Murathe pointed out that “the numbers Wajackoyah is giving are making sense” and asked Kenyans not to ignore his plan.

“We are even asking our candidate to consider in the next dispensation for medicinal purposes because the numbers Wajackoyah is giving are making sense,” he said.

The sell and use of marijuana in Kenya is illegal but Wajackoyah has promised to change things if elected in what has recently placed him on a collision path with a section of leaders and Catholic Bishops who are against his agenda.

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) warned the electorate against voting for leaders who promote immoral and unethical practices.

The bishops raised issues with those seeking leadership posts on their stand on ethical issues such as immoral sexual behavior and drug use among the youth.

“We specifically caution you and ask you to stand up against those leaders who propose to destroy life at its initial stages in their mother’s womb by proposing to support abortion as an agenda. Those who have an agenda of liberalization of sexual behaviour including pornography should also be rejected. You should also stand up against bad leaders who propose the destruction of our youth through the liberalization of drug use,” KCCB chairman Anthony Muheria who doubles as Nyeri Archbishop stated.

Wajackoyah has since hit out at the Bishops and criticized them for being too irrational and challenged them to first read his manifesto before condemning his agenda.

“There are some Bishops who engage in bad behavior, and they will be the ones who will be the first to condemn. They have not even read our manifesto. We are not just focusing on the smoking part,” he stated. “Tell them that Kenya does not belong to them. Some of us have even grown up in Christianity.”

The conversation centering on the legalization of weed has expanded the visibility of Wajackoyah and seen his popularity rise.

In a recent survey released by Trends for Insight Africa (TIFA) on Tuesday, the Roots presidential candidate approval rating among Kenyans stood at seven percent with all indications being that the figure is bound to rise 47 days to the General Election.

Weighing on his candidature, Murathe opined that his bid poses a serious threat especially to the Kenya Kwanza Alliance whom he said “should be very worried and concerned”.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu and former Kiambu Governor and Tujibebe Party Leader William Kabogo have since alluded that Wajackoya’s popularity is gaining on Deputy President William Ruto.

“Wajackoyah is now a third force,” Kabogo said.