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Lake Tanganyika Levels Rise, 2000 Homes Submerged

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Hundreds of Congolese in South Kivu Province of DRC have been rendered homeless after water from an over filled lake Tanganyika spilled over and submerged 2000 homes.

“The waters of Lake Tanganyika overflowed up to 25 meters beyond 10 meters of shore. As a result, more than 2,000 houses were damaged; families remain homeless and live the ordeal. The waters overflowed from Kilomonyi to ‘at the port of Kalundu “, said Furahisha Mukuyano a member of parliament representing territory of Uvira.

According to Kapenda Kifara Kyky, deputy mayor of the city of Uvira, material damage is enormous.

He explained that humanitarian service of Uvira city is identifying demolished and damaged houses.

Since the end of March this part of the country has been experiencing torrential rains.

Meanwhile, due to the Covid19 global pandemic, South Kivu Province has banned markets, public gatherings of more than 20 people. Residents have been asked to stay home and wear masks especially in public transport.

“It will be mandatory from next Monday. So good to stay at home if you have nothing to do but just come and stand by along the road, passing time,” said Deputy Mayor Kapenda.

On Wednesday, Sixteen suspects were placed in quarantine. Uvira’s chief medical officer, Panzu Nimi there is not a positive case of Coronavirus.

In order to alleviate the constraints brought about by Covid19, the National Electricity Company SNEL has offered free electricity for two months for the entire DRC population.