‘KOMA’ New Hit By Underground Artist Zouena



The beats are interesting to dance to and in the next few months, this will be part of club hits that won’t miss on DJs playlists of choice.

Probably understanding that one needs to embrace social media to keep up with the public, little know Zouena joined twitter in January and has so far attracted 30 followers compared to 200+ she follows on her account.

“Hello my people Kora subscribe kuri you tube channel indirimbo shyashya yitwa #KOMA# official odio coming soon kugirango ubashe kuyumva mbere murakoze,’ she posted in september via twitter while introducing her Koma song literally translated to mean coma.

Zouena also has another song titled ibicuro, “My new song ibicuro is out now official video u can go to you tube,” she humbly posted. Her tone on social media is not yet professional a clear indication that she is a new entrant into this field.

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