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Kiziguro Residents Plant Bananas For Vulnerable Citizen

Kiziguro sector residents in Gatsibo District on Wednesday gathered at the home of Munyembibi Hamada with farm tools including hoes and rakes to plough and plant for him dozens of bananas.

Manzi Theogene the Vice Mayor in charge of Economic Development in Gatsibo district also joined the residents at Kinimba village in Rubona cell accompanied by members from the security organs to implement this noble cause.

The beneficiary Munyembibi is in level one of the social protection scheme (Ubudehe) he qualifies to receive direct support from government.

Under this scheme with four levels was structured early 2001, government of Rwanda offers direct support, financial support, medication to the poor (ranked in level one). Those in 3rd level are middle income earners while those 4th level are rich and considered self-reliant.

Over 1 million Rwandans from 161,8 21 households have since been lifted out of poverty through well planned government initiatives such as Vision 2020 Umurenge Program (VUP) introduced in 2009.

The government of Rwanda targets to eradicate extreme poverty by 2020.

More adjustments have been effected by the government through integrating others social services, such as health care, as a package. This strategy aims at having 30% of the people moving from lower poverty to level four.

At the beginning of this year, government considered revising these levels because despite assistance provided to those in level one, some have remained poor.

Professor Anastase Shyaka, Minister of Local government said in February while meeting social protection players in the country that poverty should not be a legacy in any family in Rwanda.

He said the previous classification would decide that a homeless family belongs to the first category of the poorest, “but after building the house, we find no change. We need to remove such loopholes,” Minister Shyaka said.

“We want the exercise to be as transparent as possible. We shall involve the citizen so that they decide their fate, themselves.”

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