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Kina Rwanda Makes “AYE By Juno Kizigenza ” Official Theme Song For Kina Rwanda Tour

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Kina Rwanda and Juno Kizigenza announced their partnership that makes Aye, Juno’s new hit single that features DJ Rusam & DJ Higa, the official theme song of the Kina Rwanda Tour.

The Kina Rwanda Tour is a play caravan taking children’s play experiences to 5 Districts (Bugesera, Musanze, Rubavu, Nyanza and Kigali). The tour titled “Hanga Isi y’Imikino” is also aligned with other activities happening around the world, promoting Learning through Play through the Build a World of Play campaign run by the LEGO Foundation.

The song will also be used to promote children’s play and raise awareness around learning through play among parents and caregivers in Rwanda.

Malik Shaffy Lizinde, the Country Representative of Kina Rwanda explains why Kina Rwanda has decided to make AYE the campaign song. He said: “Music has always been an integral part of many playful activities. We have always had songs incorporated in some of the games we all played growing up. In this song, Juno talks about how play helped his success, and that’s a message we would love parents and caregivers to take. Play is not a waste of time, it’s not just for fun, it helps children to learn more about the world around them, and it eventually contributes to success in life.”

The Kina Rwanda Tour is a collaborative effort of various partners in the learning through play ecosystem and partners whose work includes promoting children’s growth, learning, and well-being.

With Juno’s new hit single as the theme song, this caravan is heading to other provinces in the next few weeks. The Kina Rwanda Tour is run by Kina Rwanda along with UNICEF and implemented with support from various districts, Gasore Serge Foundation, FXB-Sugira Muryango, Agati Library, Rwanda Girl Guides Association, Kigali.

Public Library, Mukamira, and Winnaz

Reminiscing about his childhood, Juno Kizigenza explained where he got the inspiration for this new hit song that has now become Kina Rwanda Tour’s theme song. “Growing up I played so many games, I had so much fun, but also learnt so many skills that molded me into the person I am today, I am the artist you know today partly because of my playful childhood”, he said.

He also shared that he made this song because he wanted to show the role that play has had in his success, and that he was thrilled to learn about a potential partnership with Kina Rwanda. “I was happy to hear the interest from Kina Rwanda’s side, and given that we were working towards the same goal, I strongly believed we can make even greater strides by combining our efforts, hence this partnership.”

The Kina Rwanda Tour is a caravan that is now heading to various provinces across the country in the next few weeks with a new upbeat tune to add more fun to the playful experiences. In July, more districts will host similar play festivals; with Rubavu hosting the event on the 9th, Musanze on the 16th, Nyanza on the 23rd, and Gasabo on the 30th.

In the past, Kina Rwanda has trained media professionals and provided reference materials on creating content that promotes learning through play, and through a radio drama, radio talk shows, TV shows, and social media platforms, they have been sharing content capitalizing on the critical role that play holds in children’s developmental journeys.

Pictures & video of Juno, Rusam and Higa performance in Bugesera