Kigali: Married Woman Repeatedly Defiles 15-year Boy



The family of a defiled 15-year old boy in Kigali has expressed dissatisfaction with Rwanda Investigation Bureau for possibly ignoring their appeal for his justice claiming that if the victim was a girl, the matter would have been handled swiftly and with full might of the law.

According to area residents of Gatare, Nyabugogo cell, Kigali Sector in Nyarugenge district the boy(pictured above) whose identity has been protected is only aged 15 years and has been repeatedly defiled by a married woman in her late 30s.

The mother of this young teenager is said to have previously reported the matter to the Rwanda Investigation Bureau but has been ignored. The Kigali sector authorities also learnt of this matter and said that the defiled boy and the accused have all recorded statements at the RIB branch.

Reports indicate that in March when a national wide Covid-19 Lockdown was imposed, the teenage boy was invited by married woman living nearby. She bought 3 bottles of Mutzig beer and invited the boy into her house while her husband was away. She asked this boy to drink all the beers and when he got drunk she engaged him in sexual intercourse.

“She told me to remove my shorts or if I want, I can remove all clothes. She directed me on where to touch her then I do sex. I had drunk three bottles of beer. It was my first time to have sex,” the teenage boy confessed to Flash FM local private radio. He added that he has repeatedly been invited to her house for sex.

One of the neighbours observed that the boy has always been in company of this woman who always walked with him everywhere, “ we were always suspicious of this closeness between the boy and the woman.”

Neighbours also say that the suspected defiler has since disappeared from the village. She is said to have written a letter to this teenager telling him that he may have impregnated her.

It should also be noted that Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has since its creation aggressively investigated such cases of abuse of children and has a toll free line 116: Reporting Child abuse.

Mother of defiled boy

Flash radio

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