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Kigali City Motorcyclists Concerned About New Fare Charging Technology


Motorcyclists in the City of Kigali are concerned that new transport fare adjustments where passengers will no longer have to bargain the price with motorcyclists may plunge them in losses, if the cost of fuel per litre is not taken into consideration.

This comes after Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA) in March 2018 undertook a new survey that would be referred to in setting new transport fares for motorcycles in the City of Kigali and across the country.

RURA stated that the survey will be eased by Yego Moto technology, whereby passengers pay Rwf300 for the first 2 kilometres and Rwf110 per each kilometre after.

RURA’s spokesperson Anthony Kulamba says that tRURA will announce the findings of the ongoing survey as soon as it is completed.

However, motorcyclists in the City of Kigali say that they have not yet understood how it will be done because there are no known routes for bikes yet.

Elie Utazirubanda suggested that “in setting the prices, RURA should also consider fuel prices. For example, we buy one litre for Rwf1090. They should also set prices in line with the cost.”

Another motorcyclist who preferred anonymity said that ‘They must first calculate how many kilometres a motorcycle can travel with one litre of fuel, the taxes we pay and personal profits.”

About 12 motorcyclists from the City of Kigali that IGIHE spoke to, said that for them to make money for their families, and paying for motorcycles (for those who hire) prices may be set according to how many kilometres a motorcycle can travel with one litre of fuel.

For the route Nyabugogo- Remera, the motorcyclists suggest that, at least, the price should be between Rwf1000 and Rwf1300 saying if the price goes lower they may incur losses.

As for the route Nyabugogo –Nyamirambo, those who spoke to IGIHE suggested that the price should be set between Rwf600- Rwf800 and Down Town-Nyamirambo between Rwf500-Rwf600.

For the route Down Town- Nyabugogo, all the motorcyclists interviewed agreed to Rwf400 and from Amahoro National Stadium to Nyabugogo most of them suggested between Rwf1000 and Rwf1200.

Other suggestions; city center-Kanombe (Airport), Rwf1300-Rwf1500; Remera-Kabuga Rwf1000-1200; Nyabugogo-Rwamagana Rwf7,000- Rwf10,000, City Center-Nyamata Rwf 3500- Rwf4500, while for the route Remera-Nyamata, they suggested between Rwf600 and Rwf800.

Motorcyclists also suggest that the Rwf300 that ‘Yego Moto’ metres charge for the first two kilometres should be upped between Rwf400- Rwf500. They also said that motorcyclist should all use the devices for fair competition.

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