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Kenya’s Unique White Giraffes Killed By Poachers

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Kenya government has reported a major loss of its rare white Giraffes that have been found dead in the Eastern part of the country.

Conservationists in the country said Tuesday that Kenya’s only female white giraffe and her calf had been killed by poachers.

These rare towering snow white herbivores are found nowhere else in the world except in Kenya widely known for its wild game still roaming protected national parks that attract millions of tourists annually.

“We are the only community in the world who are custodians of the white giraffe,” said Mohammed Ahmednoor- the manager of the Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy.

He said in a statement that the bodies of the two giraffes were found “in a skeletal state after being killed by armed poachers” in Garissa in eastern Kenya.

Their deaths leave just one remaining white giraffe alive — a lone male, borne by the same slaughtered female, the conservancy said..

Their alabaster colour is caused not by albinism but a condition known as leucism, which means they continue to produce dark pigment in their soft tissue, giving them dark eyes.