KCB Donates Roofing Materials To 50 Homes



KCB Bank Rwanda has donated 1500 iron sheets worth Rwf 12 million to 50 homes that were affected by rain disasters in Mbuye Sector, Ruhango District.

At the beginning of this year, Rwanda was hard hit by heavy rains which caused floods, thunder strikes and landslides which saw 222 lives lost countrywide.

The rains destroyed crops and a lot of infrastructure including roads, bridges, schools, and the population’s houses where over houses for 5000 families was destroyed and members were left with nowhere to sleep.

This has pushed KCB Bank Rwanda to act in order to help those that were affected through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform called “KCB Foundation”.

With the support from Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees (MIDIMAR), which identified the people who most needed the help, on Thursday, September 20, 2018, the staff of KCB Bank Rwanda drove to Southern Province, Ruhango District in Mbuye Sector to deliver iron sheets to affected residents.

Speaking to the residents of Gisanga Cell of Mbuye Sector, Ruhango District, the Managing Director of KCB Bank Rwanda, George Odhiambo said KCB did the act to give back to the community but also to help the population get shelter which is the human basic need.

“Shelter is among the basic human needs, when something interrupts that, life becomes threatened, security is disturbed and the development of the nation and individuals is kept behind because when you have no shelter, it becomes difficult for you to work hard and develop yourself,” George Odhiambo said.

“As KCB, we were touched by the disasters that hit the nation, Ruhango District included and that’s why we decided to act and brought these iron sheets to residents to help rehabilitate your houses,” Odhiambo added.

KCB Bank Rwanda has donated 1500 iron sheets worth Rwf 12 million to 50 households who were affected by rain disasters in Mbuye Sector of Ruhango District. Five home houses were already rehabilitated while 45 homes identified will soon be reconstructed.

The Minister of Disasters Management and Refugees, Mrs. Jeanne D’Arc De Bonheur commended KCB for its initiative to help the local communities and called on the other stakeholders to emulate KCB in supporting the citizens who are their clients.

Minister De Bonheur asked the population not to live in high risk zones .

KCB which will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in Rwanda this year, recently supported the residents of Bugesera District by donating the water tanks to help the community in the water scarcity issues and currently sponsors 100 youth to study vocational skills in a program dubbed “KCB Igire Program” launched early this year.

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