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Kampala On Fire, Military Holding Bobi Wine



Riots in Uganda’s capital Kampala have been shortened working hours to only five meaning from 7-11AM, a trader in downtown Kampala told Taarifa on Thursday inside a barricaded shopping arcade.

Heavily armed Uganda Police and other agents from different security units are deployed at every street of the capital. “All entry points into the city have been sealed off,” a source told Taarifa on condition of anonymity for safety reasons.

The opposition parties have decided to halt campaigns saying they can only resume canvassing for votes if presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine is released immediately.

On Wednesday while campaigning in Luuka district, “Police under the command of Mwesigwa Frank of counter terrorism police has violently broken into Hon Kyagulanyi’s car and arrested him at Luuka District headquarter grounds,” the handler of Bobi Wines official tweeter account said.

The aggressive candidate and flag bearer of National Unity Platfrom party (NUP) was whisked away to nearby Jinja city in Eastern Uganda; “Hon Kyagulanyi has been detained at the famous Nabukenya torture house. The price of freedom is high but we shall certainly overcome,” his handlers said via tweeter.

“We have decided to pause our presidential campaign activities until our colleagues, Bobi Wine and Patrick Amuriat are released and their freedom to campaign guaranteed. We call upon government to recognise that this isn’t business as usual,” said Gen Mugisha Muntu president of The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) another opposition party in Uganda.

The youths aligned to Bobi Wines party NUP are now engaged in running battles with security units – some have been shot dead others knocked down by speeding security trucks while others are seriously wounded by live bullets.

NUP supporters outside Nalufenya detention centre where Bobi Wine is being held

Bobi Wine handlers have also taken to social media to constantly update their supporters; “More than 24 hours after his brutal arrest and detention in Nalufenya, Bobi Wine has been denied access to his lawyers and his medical team! Only army and police officers have access to him. The violation of his rights with impunity must be condemned by all persons of good conscience.”

NUP party supporters are now camped outside Nalufenya detention facility demanding for an immediate release of their leader.

However, one would want to know why the government is holding Bobi Wine. “The regime accuses him of holding big meetings and processions. On the other hand, Gen. Museveni continues to hire crowds to hold processions and rallies everywhere! The regime is in so much panic.  Covid-19 is an excuse,” Bobi Wine handlers said on Thursday.

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