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Kagame Warns War Mongers

Those planning anything against Rwanda may never achieve their objectives because the country is insulated – President Paul Kagame has warned.

“We are not a country to be played around with. We have seen what lack of security has done to our country and we will never allow it to happen again,” Kagame told thousands of residents at a rally in Burera district.

Burera is a boarder district with neighbouring Uganda – a country that has recently been exposed for coordinating and supporting negative elements that have a grand plan of distablising Rwanda.

Uganda has in the past months intensified its efforts to undermine Rwanda’s security, prompting Rwanda to advise Rwandans against crossing into Uganda, where they are routinely rounded up, arrested, tortured and detained in uncouth places where they can’t access consular services.

“Leave neighbors who want to cause trouble in our country and focus on developing ourselves. When they are ready to work with us, we will be here and ready. What we want is to be good neighbors who trade and work well with each other,” Kagame told a cheerful crowd.

These comments are the latest by President Kagame in relation to the sour relations with Uganda which has consistently denied sabotaging Rwanda’s interests.

Last year, Ugandan authorities impounded Rwandan trucks loaded with 40 tonnes of tantalum and tin valued at about Rwf650 million- this Rwandan cargo was destined for Mombasa but Ugandan officials claimed the cargo of minerals had forged certification yet they had actually been legitimately issued by Rwanda Mining Board.

Despite Rwanda communicating to Uganda about this absurdity of economic sabotage, mistreatment of Rwandan nationals and supporting terrorists that want to destabilize the country’s security, Uganda denies all these.

Rwanda slapped back by advising its nationals not to travel to Uganda because their safety would not be guaranteed.

Kagame has warned today that “Rwanda is not a small country or a small people that can be dictated to. We have our own goals to achieve.”

War Mongers

During the rally, Kagame also hinted on Rwandan dissidents that have stepped up their anti-Rwanda rhetoric through social media.

This follows the recent arrest of Callixte Nsabimana alias Sankara the spokesperson of the rebel group National Liberation Front (FLN) which has been claiming responsibility of attacks in Nyungwe forest.

Until his arrest, Sankara was allover social media hyping his group’s actions on Rwandan territory.

“There are some who choose to boast on the radio and claim their ability to threaten our security. But that is because they are speaking from other countries where they are far from the fire. If they get any closer to the fire, they will be burnt,” Kagame said.

Sankara is expected to appear in court for offences such as formation of an irregular armed group, complicity in committing terrorist acts, taking persons hostage, murder and looting.

“Our first aim is to achieve security through peaceful means. But we will not beg for it. If security needs to be achieved through force, we have the means and we will use them,” Kagame said.

President Kagame will spend the next three days traversing through the Northern and Western Provinces where he will meet with thousands of residents and interact with opinion leaders from across the two provinces.

Kagame is courting residents in these provinces to actively participate in nation building and own the whole process, “Our primary goal is for every citizen to play an integral part of this journey and to feel that their lives has been transformed.”

“I am very happy to be here with you, to hear from you and exchange ideas about how to move our country forward,” Kagame noted.

However, President Kagame is not pleased with leaders that fail to deliver; “We have to hold leaders accountable from the highest to the lowest level. There are some things that cannot be tolerated because of the trust you have placed in us.”

“There are still too many things that are within our means and abilities, which are still not done. Citizens are never the issue, it is leaders have fallen short of delivering.”

For President Kagame, the citizens should know where our country has come from and where it has reached today; “knowing our history serves as the foundation for this journey of transformation for every citizen.”

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