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Kagame Says Rwanda Will Prevail Over Heavy Rains, #COVID-19

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President Paul Kagame has comforted hundreds of families devastated by deadly torrential rains that have claimed dozens of lives, crops, animals and infrastructure.

The torrential rains have devastated different parts of Rwanda, claiming 72 lives and left about 1000 families in a state of emergency.

Some families in different districts have lost their loved ones. Others have lost their homes, farm produce and domestic animals such as cows.Some roads were impassable, covered with debris as a result of landlines and floods.

Bridges were broken and others washed away.

Over 3,000 hectares of crops, 124 roads, 64 bridges are reported to have been destroyed between January and April 2020.

The Giciye bridge where the President visited had been completely wrecked and is now being rebuilt to enable residents from the area to access Shyira Hospital which he inaugurated in July 2017.

The hospital was also affected. It had lost water supply, but the system has since been repaired.

The President said on Twitter Saturday night, hours after visiting affected areas particularly Nyabihu district, that the country will overcome this situation although it is dealing with two disasters at the same time.

“…we are having to deal with #COVID19 situation and the devastation caused by heavy rains/floods, same time washing away bridges roads in hundreds of places across the country,” he said.

“Even over this we shall prevail!!” the President added.

The rains that have pounded Rwanda for several weeks were accompanied by floods and massive land landslides, destroying  houses and public infrastructure, such as roads, bridges and water supply systems.

Central government has since been providing affected families with emergency supplies.

Local Government Minister, Prof Anastase Shyaka, Emergency Management Minister, Solange Kayisire, Northern Province Governor JMV Gatabazi, have been visiting affected areas to extend support and distribute the supplies.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and other government agencies, including security organs are working day and night to repair damaged infrastructure.