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Kagame Reacts To Public Beating Of TV Employee


President Paul Kagame has reacted to a matter in which one Diane Kamali was beaten by her employer two months ago, but justice had not been served.

In a CCTV video posted on September 5, by Kamali, it is evident that there was a meeting going on in a squared seating formation.

One man, Dr Francis Habumugisha, chairing this meeting stands up throwing his arms and walks towards Kamali and shovels and beats her.

Kamali in her appeal to media houses, including the head of state and First Lady, Gender Ministry, Justice Ministry, Police and Justice Minister, said she had reported the matter to Rwanda Investigation Bureau and was ignored.

“I was beaten in public by Dr. Francis (owner of GoodRich TV). On July 16 I informed RIB. It is now two months the culprit has not been punished. So does being rich and well connected to high level leaders gives one permission to torture others with impunity?” Kamali said in a tweet which attracted hundreds of reactions.

President Kagame also responded to this controversial incidence on Wednesday September 11, at about 2:11AM, assuring Kamali, “We shall follow it up and get to know what exactly happened and take necessary action. Surprised if RIB was info. How they did not do what was required.”

However, on Friday last week, Prosecution said it had received the dossier on Dr Francis Habumugisha accused of beating his employee in public.

The incidence was recorded in Makuza Peace Plaza where GoodRich TV operates from.

It is alleged that during the meeting, one of the staff was presenting about some of the mistakes of their supervisors.

Dr. Habumugisha suspected that Kamali was taking pictures in the meeting, he walked towards her and ruthlessly beat her as other staff in the meeting looked on without even intervening.

“We were in a meeting, he [Dr. Habumugisha] stood up and walked towards me and grabbed my phone, slapped me and hurled insults at me. He thought I was taking photos. I need justice,” Kamali told local media.

Last week on Thursday, Dr. Habumugisha was arrested. If found guilty, this crime attracts a sentence of 3-5years in prison and cash fine of Rwf500,000-1million.

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