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Kagame Meeting With Tea Farmers A Big Boost

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Rwanda exports tea valued at about US$1million per week from volumes oscillating between 371.23MT and 400MT.

Last week alone, Rwanda shipped out 371.23MT worth US$997,326 according to statistics issued by National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB).

Rwanda is aggressively looking towards expanding tea production and increasing export volumes to fetch more foreign currency.

President Paul Kagame concluded his #CitizenOutreach tour by meeting with 6000 smallholder tea farmers at Rugabano Tea Factory in Karongi District, the second-biggest tea buyer countrywide.

According to local analysts, the President’s visit and interaction with farmers is expected to boost the tea sector.

Rwanda tea has become highly valued in the weekly East African Tea Trade Association auctions in Mombasa, fetching record prices over the past couple of years.

The major foreign market destinations of Rwanda tea include;the Middle East, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan and others.

Production of tea has increased steadily, from 60 Metric Tons of tea in 1958 to about 30,000 Metric Tons annually today. Tea growing in Rwanda started in 1952 .

Rwanda high quality tea is made possible due to favourable soils and tropical climate and altitude. Rwandan tea is planted on hillsides at a high altitude of between 1,900m and 2,500m, and on well-drained marshes at an altitude of between 1,550m and 1,800m.