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Kagame Commissions Over 500 Officer Cadets At Gako Military Academy

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President Paul Kagame on Friday, November 4, commissioned 568 Officer Cadets who have completed their training at Rwanda Military Academy in Gako with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

Among them, 24 graduates underwent military training from partner countries like the UK (Sandhurst Military Academy) while 475 were trained for one-year and 93 were pursuing both academic and military training.

President Kagame speaking at the event congratulated the military officers and reminded them of their pivotal role in protecting the sovereignty of the country.

“I don’t doubt that you are well prepared and you have all the necessary required skills to fulfill your obligations of protecting the country and development of the Rwandans,” Kagame said.

Kagame who is also Commander-in-Chief of Rwanda Defense Force told the officers that the Rwandan army is not only designed for wars but to professionally participate in other activities that would impact the development of the country.

“What it means to join this profession is to protect Rwandans, the country and the progress we are building.  That’s what it means. Our army is not designed to fight a war that comes later.  Normally the purpose of the army is to maintain the security of the country. When those are threatened that’s when the war comes,” Kagame noted.

Kagame emphasized that the Rwandan army is not meant for the sole purpose of waging wars but of contributing to the development of the country.

“It is different to train an army that wages wars. It is not worthy. That’s why in our army, the soldier train in technology and in other acquire knowledge that contributes to the progress of the country.

Those who want to join the military must feel well assured that they have come into professions that offer diverse knowledge and skills including that one of protecting the country,” Kagame added. “That knowledge is applicable everywhere. It can be applicable in Rwanda. It can also be applicable in our partner countries.”

Rwanda Military Academy was introduced in 2000 to train and educate officer cadets in the values of the military profession and academic excellence.


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