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Kabila’s Party, FCC, Given 60% Ministerial Posts


President Felix Tshisekedi is expected to start ruling formally with a cabinet team after several weeks running affairs of the state alone.

A leakage from corridors of power in Kinshasa indicates that Kabila’s party, the Common Front for Congo (FCC), is scheduled to have a lion’s share of 60% ministerial positions in the forthcoming government.

Meanwhile, President Tshisekedi’s Cap pour le Changement, CACH, is lined up for only 20% share of the ministerial posts.

This distribution of dockets was agreed upon Tuesday after the negotiations that took place in the city of Kisantu, in Kongo-Central.

However, according to the negotiations, the remaining 10% of ministerial posts is reserved for the president to appoint people he wishes to.

The other 10% is also at the discretion of Joseph Kabila who is currently a senator for life.

Pending the formation of the future government, some political parties and associations of women’s organizations are demanding for 30% representation in the executive.

Finally, the government should consist of 39 ministers and a dozen deputy ministers, according to the sources with clear understanding of how the negotiations have been ongoing.

But FCC coordinator, Nehemiah Mwilanya, said that anyone who wants to join the future government should first join the joint FCC-CACH program.

Prime Minister Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba was appointed on Monday, May 20.

He must now form a government.

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