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JICA Innaugrates US$20M Irrigation Dams In Eastern Rwanda

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Hundreds of farmers in Rwamagana district might soon forget about low farm yields caused by dry seasons after Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) handed over the three irrigation dams and main irrigation canals worth US$20 million.

The dams were constructed under Japanese Grant Aid.

The Project was launched in February 2019 and includes the rehabilitation of two storage dams, Cyimima and Gashara, the construction of one new storage dam (Bugugu).

JICA together with the Embassy of Japan met with local authorities in Rwamagana to inaugurate the dams. The event was attended by Eastern Province governor Fred Mufulukye.

Farmers told Taarifa that they are pleased to have the opportunity of such facilities. They say the investment will add value, commercialize agriculture, improve productivity, and reducing malnutrition.
Most farmers in this area grow rice, maize, and soya. The governor requested them to utilize the dams and increase productivity.

The project covers three marshlands totaling 170 hectares and located in three sectors namely Kigabiro, Mwulire, and Rubona. The marshlands are being exploited by 1,174 farmers.

The Japanese government through its embassy to Rwanda is looking forward to implementing other projects and transfer knowledge and skills.

Governor thanked the support from the Government of Japan in the development of agriculture sector, especially by increasing irrigated land as Rwanda continues to fight the effects of climate change.

The governor added that Rwanda and Japan enjoys enjoys cordial relations and through JICA the Japan government supported also Ngoma22 project which enhanced the resilience and productivity of agrilture in that area.

Farmers were asked to exploit the project by increasing the productivity and ensure the sustainability and effective of irrigation infrastructures constructed.