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Japan’s Royal Princess Suspends Plans To Marry Commoner


In Japan when a royal member chooses to marry a commoner, they are immediately stripped off their royal status and become commoners too.

The current Princess of Japan Princess Mako is only 28- she studied in Edinburgh, Dublin and Leicester where she met her boyfriend Kei Komuro  a commoner in Japan.

According to sources, the pair announced their engagement in 2017 but this would mean that if they went ahead and officially married, Princess Mako would lose her royal status. She then suspended the marriage plans.

But after already delaying her wedding once in 2017, it has been announced that the plans for her to wed Komuro are on hold yet again, despite it being over two years since they originally postponed their big day.

The Japanese royal told how, while the couple is ‘irreplaceable to each other’, there are still no ‘concrete plans’ of when they will eventually tie the knot, and that it’s difficult to tell ‘anything about the future’ at the moment.

‘For us, a marriage is a necessary choice to live and honour our hearts,’ said Mako in a statement on Friday, released by the Imperial Household Agency. ‘We are irreplaceable to each other, and we can lean on each other in happy times and in unhappy times.

‘It is difficult to tell anything concrete regarding our future plans and others at the moment.’ Japan’s imperial law requires a princess to leave the royal family after marrying a commoner.

Princess Mako’s aunt, Princess Sayako, became the last royal to be stripped of her status when she wed a Tokyo city official in 2005.

The couple met while both students at Tokyo’s International Christian University. Komuro proposed over dinner in December 2013, and the pair kept their their long-distance relationship under wraps while Mako studied for her master’s degree in the UK.

Princess Mako announced her intention to marry Mr Komuro, who works at a law firm, in 2017. Shortly afterwards it was announced the pair would wed in November 2018.

The wedding was later postponed until 2020, with an official statement saying the couple needed more time to plan.

However reports have since emerged suggesting Mr Komuro’s family is involved in a financial dispute of which his in-laws disapprove.

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