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Investigators Search Dr. Kayumba’s House, Reconstruct Crime Scene



Investigators from Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) have visited Dr. Christopher Kayumba’s house to reconstruct a crime scene following allegations of sexual assault and rape, Taarifa reports.

According to details, the exercise was conducted on Monday, March 29, and preceded by Dr. Kayumba’s interrogation for hours over alleged attempted rape supposedly committed to different victims in different years.

Through his platform, the Rwandese Platform for Democracy (RPD), Dr. Kayumba said that in the search, photographs of everything inside and outside the house were taken.

He added that, his security guard and gardener were taken for interrogation but later released.

“We have also learnt that individuals who worked at Dr Kayumba’s house eight (8) years and left have been interrogated.

Taarifa has interviewed some of the persons that worked at Dr. Kayumba’s house and the revelations of their experience with Dr. Kayumba is very heartbreaking.

For example some of them are former maids who are currently married and have not told their spouses about how they were sexually abused by their former employer. They fear their marriages would collapse.

Taarifa will bring you detailed testimonies of some of these former workers at Dr. Kayumba’s house.

Dr. Kayumba will again appear before RIB today for another round of interrogation”, Kayumba wrote in a press release.

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Jacob Zuma Could Be Sentenced As Deadline Expires



The South African Constitutional court is expecting former President Jacob Zuma to appear in person for punishment or be punished in absentia.

On Friday the court sent out a notice to Zuma and his legal team to file the papers by Wednesday and guide it on how to penalise him.

“The first respondent (Zuma) must file an affidavit not longer than 15 pages on or before Wednesday, April 14, on the following issues: In the event that the first respondent is found guilty of the alleged contempt of court, what constitutes the appropriate sanctions, and in the event this courts deems committal appropriate, the nature and the magnitude of the sentence that should be imposed, supported by reasons,” reads part of the Concourt instruction to Zuma.

With a few hours left before the deadline given to him to tell the Constitutional Court what sentence he feels should be meted out for defying it, former president Zuma has kept everybody guessing on whether he will meet the deadline or continue with his non-participation stance.

Court added that should Zuma elect to exercise his right to mitigate before he is sentenced for defying a lawful instruction to appear before the Zondo Commission to testify in December and January, then all parties involved in the matter should file their counter affidavits as well.

Editors note: The Zondo Inquiry wants the Constitutional Court to find that former President Jacob Zuma is in contempt of court, for defying an order to testify under oath there. The commission wants him jailed for two years.

South Africa’s Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, also known as the Zondo Commission of Inquiry or Zondo Commission, is a public inquiry launched by the government of Jacob Zuma, in January 2018, to “investigate allegations of state capture, corruption, fraud and other allegations in the public sector including organs of state.

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Rwanda Military Hospital, King Faisal, Fined Rwf100M For Mistakenly Cutting Off Patient’s Breast



The Gasabo intermediate court has fined King Faisal Hospital and Kanombe Military hospital for cutting off the breast of a patient after mistakenly diagnosing her with a level 2 cancer.

The two national referral hospitals must pay the patient Rwf100 million (over US$100,000) with immediate effect for what the court described as “medical negligence”.

The verdict was delivered on Friday April 9, 2021 after an almost two-year legal battle.

The Military Hospital executed the operation following a medical report from King Faisal Hospital.

In the court, the Military Hospital denied liability claiming the report from King Faisal Hospital was categorical that the patient had a level 2 breast cancer and that what doctors at the Military Hospital had to do was to cut it off.

King Faisal Hospital defended itself saying it had all the necessary equipment to conduct an operation and there is no reason why it would have referred the patient to another hospital.

Apparently, the two hospitals share doctors, some medical services and joint operations. The court ruled that both hospitals were medically negligent and they had to be fined.  

The patient, a resident of Kayonza District, had sued for Rwf305 million (US$300,000). The Military hospital will pay Rwf62 million and King Faisal Hospital will pay Rwf42 million. The remaining will cater for legal fees and court fees.

It is reported that the doctor who diagnosed the patient with cancer, Dr. Lynette Kyokunda, moved to Zambia where she continued with her medical career.

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Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu Charged With Abuse of Power, Corruption



Water tight security has been imposed outside Jerusalem District Court as Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu goes on trial for various gravest and serious crimes in history of the country.

In its opening statement for his public corruption trial on Monday, Prosecution said that Netanyahu abused his power as part of a wide-ranging media bribery scheme.

According to Prosecutor Liat Ben Ari, the Prime Minister,”abused his power to give illegal benefits in coordination with central media outlets to further his personal interests.”

“Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law and all people are equal before the court and the judges, the great and the small, the rich and the poor. The powerful and the simple,” she said.

She called the cases one of the gravest in Israel’s history.

Ben Ari said that the question for the court is not whether the articles at the Walla media outlet were done objectively or were balanced at a given moment, but what was the illegal influence behind the scenes leading to those articles.

She said that the real story here is about power, referencing the power of Netanyahu as prime minister, of top media tycoons and of attempts to influence the course of the country’s elections (including in 2013 and 2015.)

The prosecutor emphasized that “no one” other than Netanyahu as prime minister “had the full power to convey the benefits” to the tycoons in the case (who are also defendants) that they sought.

The benefits given by Netanyahu to Bezeq and Walla owner Shaul Elovitch were worth hundreds of millions of shekels, said Ben Ari.

The trial at the Jerusalem District Court is starting with the prosecution’s outline of the three public corruption affairs followed by the initial witness in the first-ever public corruption trial of a sitting prime minister.

Netanyahu is currently present and is expected to remain until the end of the prosecution’s opening statement and then to leave before the first witness, former Walla CEO Ilan Yeshua, is called to the stand.

Prosecutors Liat Ben Ari and Yehudit Tirosh is facing off against Netanyahu’s lawyers Boaz Ban Tzur and Amit Hadad as judges Rivkah Friedman-Feldman, Moshe Bar-Am and Oded Shaham referee.

Last week, Netanyahu appeared to try to get out of attending the hearing at all until he ran into opposition from the prosecution.

Late last Wednesday, a spokesman for Netanyahu said; “Since the prime minister had no connection with Ilan Yeshua, and therefore his presence would not contribute anything in any way to the hearing, Netanyahu’s lawyers will request an exemption from the questioning of Yeshua. This is an accepted request in cases similar to this one.”

However, in response to Netanyahu’s lawyers, the prosecution said; “The prosecution believes that there is a substantive need for the defendant [Netanyahu] to be present for the opening statement, which has the status of opening the entire prosecution case, both in terms of the defendant hearing the allegations directly and without intermediaries, and in terms of the perception of doing justice.”

Regarding hearing Yeshua’s testimony, the prosecution said there were legal arguments to be made both for Netanyahu being present or having the right to absent himself, since the idea of being present is designed to protect the rights of defendants, not to impose on their time.

Netanyahu has sought to avoid attending hearings for his trial, with Monday being only the third time he will show up personally, despite around a dozen pretrial hearings having taken place since last May.

Some groups have tried to argue that he must legally resign as prime minister given the toll that the trial is expected to take on his time.

The trial is expected to run on a weekly basis on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. until its conclusion – a potentially major distraction expected to last between one to three years.

Netanyahu appears to want to avoid such allegations as well as to keep perceptions of him focused on positive vibes, such as his management of foreign affairs or the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, and away from the corruption allegations.

The prosecution and the court until now have shown flexibility about his attendance. But it is expected that Netanyahu will want to attend or will be compelled to attend when key state’s witnesses testify against him for illegal orders they are expected to say he gave them to carry out.

He is accused of bribery for illegally influencing government communications policy in exchange for positive media coverage in Case 4000, the Bezeq-Walla Affair.

In Case 2000, the Yediot Aharonot-Israel Hayom Affair, he is accused of breach of trust for trying to reduce Israel Hayom’s competitiveness in exchange for more positive coverage from Yediot.

In Case 1000, the Illegal Gifts Affair, he is accused of breach of trust for receiving expensive cigars and champagne valued at nearly NIS 700,000.

The gifts were received from people with whom he may have had a conflict of interest for trying to help them in the business sector.

According to the amended indictment, from January 17-19, 2013 – days before the election of January 22, 2013 – Netanyahu, through messengers, made no fewer than six demands to Walla owner Shaul Elovitch to influence media coverage positively for him and negatively for Naftali Bennett and the Bayit Yehudi Party.

All of the Netanyahu-Elovitch plans led to the coverage the prime minister sought, including negative coverage of Bennett’s wife allegedly eating at a nonkosher restaurant, in exchange for the prime minister helping Elovitch’s Bezeq obtain NIS 1 billion ($300 million) in profits.

Yeshua, and subsequently other editors and reporters from Walla, are expected to give a detailed description of exactly how they went about fulfilling Netanyahu’s demands, which included numerous takedowns of articles that were good for his competitors.

They will say they knew that these changes went far beyond the typical access-for-coverage arrangements that other politicians regularly make with the media, which for one thing, does not lead to reducing coverage for competitors.

Eventually, there were 315 alleged incidents of Netanyahu interfering with Walla’s news coverage from 2013 until December 2016.

Yeshua was key to breaking open the all-important Case 4000, as the information he gave police led to multiple top Netanyahu aides turning state’s witness against the prime minister.

The former Walla CEO is expected to testify for approximately five full-day hearings, followed by being cross-examined by Netanyahu’s lawyers and lawyers for Elovitch – all of which could easily be the trial’s focus until mid-May.


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