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Ingabire Bounces Back With New Political Party

Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza is not about to let go of her dream of becoming president of Rwanda one day, she has resigned from the Political pressure group she formed about a decade ago and established a new one called Umurinzi.

The party constitution and other relevant paperwork are complete but is only remaining to have Umurinzi Political organization registered in Rwanda as a legalised Political party and eventually pursue her political plans.

She says, Umurinzi is on ground where she wants to engage politically while her previous party FDU is out of contact with reality.

The shrewd politician has been the chairperson of the (FDU) Unified Democratic Forces, a coalition of Rwandan exile opposition groups with active members in Europe, United States of America and in Canada.

While still at the helm of FDU and living in The Netherlands, Ingabire flew to Kigali as part of plan to locally register her political organisation and eventually participating in the elections.

She later visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial site where she made prejudicial remarks leading to her trial and eventual conviction after found guilty including other crimes such as fundraising for FDLR, a terror group linked to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Ingabire who had been convicted in 2013 was among 2000 convicts that benefited from the Presidential pardon last year in September.

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