Imigongo Art Center In Kayonza Offers Remarkable Rwandan Art And Employs Dozens Of Women



We all love the colourful geometric imigongo art. It has now become the easiest and fast pick for almost every fashion design shop and artisan studios in the city f Kigali and major towns in Rwanda.

For those travelling to the Estern Province, there is this Imigongo Art Center, with the most exclusive traditional designs.

The workshop offers you a variety of home decor pieces.  They are located in Kayonza district, on the way to Akagera National Park.

“Imigongo”, is an art form popular in Rwanda, mostly made by women, often crafted in black, white and red coloured themes with a spiral and geometric design forms. They can also be painted on walls, pottery, and canvas.

The imigongo images were originally found in Kibungo (Eastern Province) in the ancient Rwanda inside the walls of huts as “magical” decorations.With innovation and preserving the art of making imogongo, Charles Ashimwe, the proprietor of the workshop says he is doing this to promote imogongo in East Africa and the rest of the world.

“We create innovative imigongo designs and generate sustainable job opportunities for the youth and women,” he says.

“At affordable prices, you get yourself beautiful traditional designs of imigongo and incredible decor items for your homes, workplaces, restaurants or places of special events” he adds.

High end hotels such as Nyungwe Lodge have beautifully decorated their facilities with Imigongo art and ctrated other designs inspired by similar artcraft.

The center innovates, and works hard as a team to humbly approach their work in creating the beautiful designs.

Rwanda is now known for offering good touristic and remarkable memories. Spoil yourself by taking home fanciful imigongo designs from the tremendous experience as well.

Spare a moment to visit the spectacular Center.

You can also visit their website at to shop online.

Imigongo Art Center has a collection of Rwandan baskets, providing a diversified set of offering for visitors at the shop.

There’s more to this distinctly Rwandan craft than meets the eye: It is created through a remarkable process that uses an abundant material—cow dung—and, with the help of artistry and natural dyes, turns it into an object of admiration.

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