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Huye Intermediate Court Begins Substantive Hearing Of Munyenyezi Genocide Case 

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Beatrice Munyenyezi, the woman suspected of crimes of Genocide against the Tutsi appeared before Huye Intermediate Court this Tueaday in the trial that has entered into substance.  

During the last hearing a week ago, the case was postponed for the second time due to the absence of lawyers.

As the case enters into substance, Munyenyezi, 51, will explain herself in detail on the charges of Genocide crime, conspiracy to commit genocide, planning of the genocide, complicity, and incitement to commit genocide, and complicity in rape.

While the accused is detained at Mageregere prison, the litigants, defense lawyers, and prosecutors’ rebuttals are heard by the Huye Intermediate court, the place she is said to have committed the crimes. 

Proceedings will be heard virtually to limit the spread of Covid-19. 

Munyenyezi is the first woman to be sent back home by the US government after she was convicted for having lied to immigration authorities to obtain the first asylum and then US citizenship, according to Justice Info Net.

Munyenyezi denied involvement in political affairs and Genocide preparation, but her marriage to Pauline Nyiramasuhuko’s son, Shalom Ntahobali, in 1993 marked her entrance into the ‘big league’ or commonly known as ‘Akazu’.

Rwandan prosecutors pin Munyenyezi for inciting Interahamwe to rape Tutsi women and girls but she has been denying the allegations in her pre-trial phase of the hearings saying she was “pregnant and weak at the time to engage in incitations.”

The report ‘When Women Become Killers’ released in 1995 indicate that Munyenyezi’s mother-in-law, Pauline Nyiramasuhuko, began organizing massacres in (Butare) now Huye even before the murder of the Tutsi prefecture Jean Baptiste Habyarimana, who managed to prevent the massacres during the first two weeks of the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Munyenyezi’s mother-in-law is reported to have boasted her role saying “If someone says that a woman, a mother killed, then I am ready to be confronted.”