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How USA Is Humiliating Haïti



A very high-level American delegation flew to Haïti on Wednesday but did not have any official meeting with President Jovenel Moïse. Aid and donations were promised. The same delegation visited the Dominican Republic and signed agreements for investments in the order of two billion dollars, announced President Luis Abinader.

Later on Thursday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo once again called for the holding of legislative elections as soon as it is technically possible to do so and said he understood that OAS Secretary Luis Almagro called for what they are held by the end of January 2021.

“@SecPompeo: For the moment, the legislative elections in # Haiti are late. We continue to call for elections to take place as soon as they are technically feasible, ”read a tweet from the U.S. Embassy on Thursday, October 15, 2020.

“We understand the OAS Secretary General has called for these elections to be held by the end of January,” Mike Pompeo can be heard saying in a 13-second video posted along with the tweet.

In a correspondence dated Tuesday, August 26, 2020 addressed to the Haïtian President, Jovenel Moïse, the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, had summoned the Head of State to organize legislative elections not later than the end of January next year.

“It is imperative to organize the legislative elections at the latest at the end of January next year to restore, in all serenity, a functional Parliament then, when the time comes, to respect the electoral deadlines in order to proceed to the democratic transfer of executive power, ”Secretary General Luis Almagro wrote to President Moïse.

Mike Pompeo’s tweet comes twenty-four hours after a high-level delegation, chaired by Adam Boehler of the “Developpement Finance Corporation”, passed through.

Haïtian President, Jovenel Moïse and US vice President Mike Pence

Adam Boehler announced the possibility of making between U$ 20 million and U$ 100 million available to Haiti, during a press conference at the American embassy on Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

However, in the Dominican Republic, Adam Boehler signed a cooperation agreement with Dominican President Luis Abinader to finance private projects worth U$ 2 billion that will create thousands of jobs, according to a tweet posted on the account of the Dominican president.

“We are a $ 60 billion organization. We invest in developing countries around the world. We are focused on creating jobs. This is our first priority. My goal in Haiti is to identify projects that create jobs to increase the income level of the country’s population, “Adam Boehler said at a press conference at the American Embassy in Haiti.

“We just finished a discussion with banks on a credit program. We have a focus on credit to women. We were able to determine that investing in women is a better investment because they pay better than men, ”continued Adam Boehler, who stressed the importance of the delegation he leads.

“I’m here with senior delegates from six US agencies. This is the first time that the United States has sent a delegation with representatives from so many agencies to Haiti. Why are we doing this? Our mandate is to invest in development alongside our allies. We have met the private sector in Haiti “, explained this senior American official who spoke about the challenges of the upcoming legislative elections in Haiti.


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Rwanda No More Home To Cheapest Data in EAC



Tanzania is now the place to be for anyone intending to fit in the world of seamless communication according to new adjustments made by the East African coastal nation.

For only $0.75, one gets a gigabyte of data in Tanzania making it the cheapest offer among countries in the regional bloc.

Rwanda which has been leading is now pushed below to second position with $1.25 for a gigabyte of data.

In comparison to other countries in the regional bloc, Uganda ($1.56) and Burundi ($2.10) while Kenya, which was second in East Africa last year charging $1.04, now charges $2.25 per gigabyte (GB).

These latest statistics are according to data released by British technology research firm Cable.

The report, Worldwide Mobile Data Pricing 2021, reveals that Somalia is no longer offering the most affordable mobile internet in Africa, moving to third, as Sudan and Algeria take the first and second places respectively.

“In Sudan, the cost of mobile internet is $0.27, cheapest in Africa and fifth in the world. Algeria is second at $0.51 and Somalia third at $0.60.

Israel is now offering the most affordable mobile internet in the world at $0.05, moving from second place last year. Israel is followed by Kyrgyzstan ($0.15), Fiji ($0.19), Italy ($0.27) and Sudan.

Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms analyst at Cable said many countries with cheap data have excellent mobile and fixed broadband infrastructure, enabling providers to offer large amounts of data, and bring down price per gigabyte.

“Others with less advanced broadband networks are heavily reliant on mobile data” he said. Nigeria and South Africa, which command high internet traffic from its tech savvy population are charging $0.88 and $2.67 respectively.

Countries with long-established, ubiquitous 4G or new 5G infrastructure, the study points out, tend to fall towards the cheaper end of the table.

“This is due to the fact that mobile data plans have escalated far beyond the 1-10GB per month median, offering instead plans with caps in the hundreds of gigabytes, or even completely unlimited.

The cost per gigabyte in these countries will tend therefore to be very low.

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Rwanda Showcases e-Mobility Technology



Rwanda’s Infrastructure Ministry is this Tuesday showcasing the e-Mobility Technology – an event that will go through until 2PM later in the day.

The showcase is organised in partnership with Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) and The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI).

According to REMA, “vehicular emissions are the largest contributor to air pollution in Rwanda’s urban centres,” this showcase therefore is exhibiting innovations that seek to cut down on such emissions.

This inaugural event also seeks to demonstrate the power and potential of sustainable transport to create jobs, grow the economy and improve health outcomes for all.

e-Mobility or specifically Electro mobility represents the concept of using electric power-train technologies, in-vehicle information, and communication technologies and connected infrastructures to enable the electric propulsion of vehicles and fleets.

Powertrain technologies include full electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, as well as hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that convert hydrogen into electricity.

e-Mobility efforts are motivated by the need to address corporate fuel efficiency and emission requirements, as well as market demands for lower operational costs.

The E-Mobility Technology showcase event in the capital Kigali

Road map for e-mobility transition in Rwanda

Since Electric vehicles (EV) are gaining popularity among both governments and the private sector globally as an energy efficient mobility technology, Rwanda embraces the fact that their expansion is now inevitable, as they aim to scale up their nascent e-moto industry.

Researchers recommend e-mobility be implemented in the context of a wider vision and set of policies that increase person-carrying capacity of roads, implement complete streets and integrate different modes of transport.

The researchers suggest that government of Rwanda identifies a viable market segment of early EV adopters, and apply a combination of fiscal incentives including price subsidies, well-targeted tax breaks, and non-fiscal incentives to increase e-mobility in the early stages.

According to statistics (2020), Rwanda has 221,000 registered vehicles consisting of 52% motorcycles and 38% passenger vehicles of which at least 30,000 are in Kigali.

The number of vehicles is increasing rapidly (almost 12% per year) and the government is thus concerned about deteriorating air quality in Kigali and rising fuel import bills (12% of total imports).

A recent EV study recommended that government should aim to convert 30% of motorcycles, 8% of cars, 20% buses and 25% of mini and micro buses to electric power, by 2030, although senior officials and private sector firms have expressed their desire for a faster transition, especially in e-motos.

Currently, Volkswagen is also exploring electric mobility solutions and Global Green Growth Institute is studying the possibility of introducing e-buses.

Electrification of motorbikes will improve air quality and therefore health outcomes, cut carbon emissions (from about 55.1 grams per kilometre for ICE-motos to about 13.3 grams per kilometre for e-motos),

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Harley-Davidson Releases U$30,000 Electric Motorcycle



Motocycle enthusiasts have something unique awaiting release from Harley-Davidson.

The electric motorcycle Harley-Davidson is rolling out this year, it hopes will capture the imagination of a new generation of riders. Harley-Davidson has been testing this electric motorcycle for more than four years.

This new monster costs nearly U$30,000 and can go zero to 60 mph in three seconds. There is no clutch and no shifting.

Harley’s traditional, non-electric motorcycles range from about U$6,900 for a compact, urban model to nearly U$44,000 for a fully-loaded touring bike.

It Features high-quality Brembo brakes, fully adjustable Showa suspension, Michelin sports tires, improved anti-lock brakes for cornering, traction control, etc.

Apart from its electric motor, another feature that makes the LiveWire a different bike is its large number of online services .

Its Telematic Control Unit, placed under the seat, allows the user to access all the functionalities from his smartphone .

You can check data such as the status of the motorcycle, the level of battery charge or information about the trip in progress.

In addition, it has a s alarm system that notifies at the moment if you are stealing the motorcycle or if it is the object of some type of vandalism.

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