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How Tanzania’s Ruling Party CCM Steals From Government

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Africa’s second longest ruling political party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) may have cast itself to the outsiders as clean and with high levels of integrity but no more.

Former President Benjamin William Mkapa has revealed in his latest book ‘My Life My Purpose’ that the party had established a loophole to lure him into signing off or endorsing or authorizing large sums of cash but ended in the hands of the party.

He says money was swindled through the External Payment Account (EPA).

During his time in office, Mkapa says he was approached by the Central Bank Governor Daudi Balali who urged the president to authorise a deal to release money through the EPA.

“I was against the deal but BoT Governor convinced me by arguing that the money which will be collected will help fund the ruling party’s campaigns,” Mkapa says in his book.

He says this is one of his biggest regrets while he was still serving as head of State.

Mkapa was president from 1995 to 2005.He was also chairman of the CCM and the third President of Tanzania.

According to an audit conducted on the country’s Central Bank by Ernst and Young firm, it was discovered that almost U$77million were stolen from funds intended for serving External debt.

This money was actually used to make illegal payments to about 20 national and foreign private enterprises linked to the powerful in the ruling party.

Mkapa’s successor President Jakaya Kikwete later in 2008 ordered the arrest of Governor Balali.