Hamas Command Divided Over Supporting Islamic Jihad

Hamas and Islamic Jihad are rival groups but both consider Israel as their enemy number one. It is Hamas that rules the Gaza Strip.

Of the two groups, Hamas is more powerful and has a considerable war arsenal but is still contemplating whether to join the Islamic jihadist terror group in attacking Israel.

Islamic Jihad is largely a proxy terrorist group directly funded and equipped by Iran whose agenda is to eliminate Israel state from the face of world map.

Egypt has been mediating a ceasefire and this is what has prevented Hamas from joining the Islamic Jihad assault against Israel.  At the same time the Islamic Jihad has publicly announced that it would not heed Cairo’s orders to halt its fire, making it increasingly difficult for Hamas to rein it in.

Islamic Jihad archterrorist Baha abu al-Ata killed by Israel military on Tuesday had been invited to Egypt for joint talks with Hamas to find lasting peace in the Gaza strip and this may not be reached anytime soon under the current situation.

Intelligence delegations from neighbouring countries especially Egypt are in Tel Aviv trying to negotiate a ceasefire and are expected to trot to Gaza.

At the moment, Hamas is strongly criticized for not giving a helping hand to the Islamic Jihadists.

Since Tuesday the Islamic Jihadist have so far fired 250 missiles into Israel and mostly half of these have been intercepted by the iron dome defence system.

For Hamas to join the Islamic Jihadists, the only man that can make a final decision is the head of its Military wing. At the moment the Political wing has unanimously agreed to support the Islamic Jihad in their attacks against Israel.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh only makes political and diplomatic or administrative decisions.

Yahya Sinwar is the leader ‎of Hamas military wing known as the Izzadin al-Qassam Brigades. He has the power to decide whether Hamas will harness its considerable arsenal to serve local rival Islamic Jihad’s campaign against Israel.

Hamas official has told Israel Hayom; “Unfortunately, Ismail Haniyeh is no Khaled Mashal and he is powerless to make Sinwar abide by the political bureau’s position on the matter, which supports joining Islamic Jihad in the fight,” he said.

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