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Government Hints On Lockdown, Urges Public To Remain Vigilant During Festive Seasons 

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Government has warned that there is a possibility of another lockdown should people remain loose on the preventive measures especially during the festive seasons where the interactions between people increase.

Speaking at the Press Conference, Minister of Health, Dr. Daniel Ngamije urged that people should be vigilant and increase the protection measures as well as vaccination to mitigate contagion infection during the festive seasons.

“We don’t want the same situation as that of last year where we began a new year in the lockdown. Let’s protect ourselves, what we are requested to do simple,” he said.

The Minister of Health further said the government’s move of banning passengers is a stringent measure to contain the spread of new Omicron variant.

“The move is aimed to contain the 6 cases of Omicron Variant that was traced among passengers on arrivals. The rise in numbers is a warning sign that shows us that despite the measures passengers have to be contained,” the minister added.

The Minister of Local Government, Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi also said there are people who are organizing christmas parties and festive gatherings however, that due to the increasing number of COVID-19 positivity rates gatherings shouldn’t exceed 100 participants as per the new guideline.

He raised the concern that the Omicron might have crossed the capital to other areas of the country and therefore people should tighten protection measures.

“We are following up on anyone who met with the patients either those in Kigali or in other districts so that we quarantine them. This means that people should tighten protection measures and play a tangible role in vaccination,” he said.

The Police Spokesperson, CP John Bosco Kabera also highlighted that people have become soft on the protection measures against COVID-19 advising that it must change.

Kabera disclosed that the police have so far caught 59, 295 people who have defaulted on wearing their masks and 7089 who were moving beyond the time set as well as 1081 who were drinking in the bars.

“Some people think that COVID-19 has ended but this is not true, COVID is still around.” he warned.