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Government Could Sanction Poor Service Providers

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Rwanda has launched a campaign to monitor and push the level of service delivery by public institutions and private businesses.

For institutions, regardless of the size, who will be reviewed and advised to improve, will be sanctioned if they fail to.

In the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy II (EDPRS II), government plans to ensure that at least 85% of citizens should be satisfied with the quality of services rendered to them by 2018.

According to the Rwanda Governance Scorecard of 2016, service delivery scored 72.93%. However, for the Citizen Report Card (CRC), the level of satisfaction of the citizens with services they receive at local level is even lower, at 67.7%.

Prof. Anastase Shyaka, the CEO of the Rwanda Governance Board, whose institution is assigned to improve coordination and monitor service delivery says the objective of this campaign is to raise awareness of the service providers to provide effective and quality services to citizens and encourage the recipients to desist poor service.

“We have been reviewing and sanctioning high end service providers, but now we have moved down to smaller size service providers,” Prof. Shyaka said. “There is no justification for poor service delivery.”

The service sector contributes over 40% to the national development.

Objectives of the campaign

Specifically, the campaign will be focusing on:

  • Raising general public awareness on service delivery
  • Making all Rwandan citizens active stakeholders in promoting the culture of service delivery
  • Public education on service delivery
  • Making local leaders especially at district and sector level commit to good service delivery

Expected results

  • Service Delivery concept and principles widely communicated to the targeted audience
  • Citizens’ awareness on their role in quality service delivery enhanced
  • Service providers sensitized on the culture of excellence in delivering services
  • Public awareness on benefits of quality service delivery raised
  • Increased awareness of the population on the need to offer and/or receive quality services;
  • People educated on their rights with regard demanding/receiving good services and complain in case of bad services
  • Improved quality of service delivery at both public and private sector levels;

Campaign brand

“Nk’uwikorera” is the campaign slogan, which will be used to sell the quality of service delivery based on integrity, responsiveness and fairness. The slogan, in Kinyarwanda, is to ensure that the message is well understood by the ordinary citizens. The slogan urges service providers to deliver at their utmost just as they would expect to receive the best services from others.

Target sectors

Service delivery is a crosscutting aspect in all sectors. The responsibilities, mandate of public institutions and business in the private sector are dependent on service delivery.

However, though the campaign intends to promote service delivery in all sectors, emphasis will be put on selected sectors.

The targeted sectors are selected on the basis of low scores in the Citizen Report Card 2016 findings and the Rwanda Governance Scorecard (RGS 2016) recommendations.

The following sectors are proposed sectors; heath, social protection services, family issues, extension services in agriculture sector, private sector and hospitality, online service and promoting activities of secondary cities.

The campaign main activities will be conducted in ten weeks. However, fostering behaviour change requires more time to effect change. It is in this line that the service delivery campaign will continue up to a period of six months.

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