Goma Military Court Sentences Warlord Tabo Ntaberi (Cheka) To Life In Prison



Warlord Tabo Ntaberi aka Cheka will spend the rest of his time on earth in a maximum prison after a final ruling by the Operational Military Court of North Kivu.

After nearly two years of hearings between the Operational Military Court of North Kivu and the former leader of the Ndima Defense of Congo (NDC) movement. He was sentenced on Monday, November 23, 2020 in Goma, capital of the North -Kivu.

The warlord Cheka was sentenced along with two of his co-defendants. Another was acquitted.

Colonel Nda Obal, first president of the Operational Military Court of North Kivu, pronounced the following sanction against Zitonda Habimana:

“With regard to common rights violations, 20 years of primary servitude for insurrectional movement and life imprisonment for war crimes and crimes against humanity by rape.”

For the defendant Lupambi Jean Claude, “the Court answered yes, for attempted murder, attempted murder and assassination. And thus applying article 7 of the Penal Code, the Court condemned him first to 10 years of penal servitude for participation in an insurrectionary movement, to 15 years of main servitude for attempted murder and to 15 years of penal servitude. For murder. Applying Article 7 of the Military Penal Code, the court sentenced him to 15 years of penal servitude, taking into account his age “.

For Tabo Taberi alias Cheka, prosecuted for among other armed robbery, crimes against humanity for rape and recruitment of children, unsuccessful charges, the Court also condemned him for association for insurrectionary movements, crimes of war through murder, rape, and sexual slavery, destruction of property, bodily harm and enlistment of children.

Consequently, with regard to common law offenses and military offenses, the Court sentenced him to 15 years of penal servitude for association of criminals, 15 years of penal servitude for insurrectional movement, 20 years for murder, 20 years for assassination attempt.

For war crimes, the court convicted him of life imprisonment for murder, rape, sexual slavery, enlistment of children under the age of 15, looting, destruction of property and bodily integrity of persons.

Finally, the Court sentenced him to the single heaviest sentence, that of “penal servitude for life”.

The Court nonetheless confirmed his detention and the other convicts, notably Zitonda to life imprisonment and Lukambo to 15 years of main penal servitude.

As for Ndoole Batechi, doctor of Tabo Tabeti Cheka, he was acquitted, for lack of evidence implicating him.

It was June 2017 that Tabo Ntaberi Cheka and his co-defendants surrendered to UN forces in Walikale, before his transfer to Kinshasa.

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