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Goma Mayor Orders Public Transport Vehicles to Paint Yellow

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Drivers of public transport buses and taxis in Goma city in DRC have gone on strike in protest against an order to paint their vehicles yello.

According to sources that spoke to Taarifa, since the morning of Monday, January 10, buses providing public transport and car taxis have not been visible in the arteries of Goma.

The mayor of the city of Goma, Commissioner Kabeya Makosa François, demands that all public transport vehicles be painted yellow. According to him, this is to help secure Goma city.

The protests have affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of residents.

Workers, pupils, schoolchildren and students gathered in the bus shelters to wait in vain for transport. The taxi drivers in town took the opportunity to double the price of the ride, forcing several residents to walk on foot to their respective destinations.

For some drivers, the measure is inappropriate because “the mayor was going to start by repainting the buses of the SPT (Provincial Transport Company) given that their vehicles are not from the government”, a bus driver said.

The drivers gathered within the association of drivers of Congo section of North Kivu, in the city of Goma, met on the morning of Monday at the Katindo terminus to discuss the rest of their protest movement.