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Goma City On Fire, Protesters Demand MONUSCO To Leave

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The United Nations Stabilization mission in Congo is being asked to leave Congolese soil because it has not provided any active support to the FARDC Army in ongoing campaign to eliminate foreign militia.

Local media in Goma city just a stone throw away from Rwanda border has woken up to violent protests that have set ablaze dozens of houses and ransacking of UN offices.  Several streets have been barricaded by protesters.

These deadly protests started in Beni where the Congolese army is engaged in very deadly battle with the Uganda rebels the Allied Democratic Front movement that had almost taken control of this part of the North Kivu province.

The protesters are expressing their anger after another attack by Ugandan ADF rebels last Sunday in the Masiani neighborhood in Mulekera commune. During this attack, eight civilians were killed with knives.

“We are killed while MONUSCO is here to protect us. Let them go home. We do not need tourists in our country,” Kasereka Fundi, a protester in Beni said.

“This morning, Tuesday, November 26, 2019, a group of young people stormed the logistics base Monusco de Goma to demand for their immediate departure,” mnctvcongo a local news website reported and shared a video showing parts of Goma streets in flames.

Gakuru Bahati, president of a civil society organization, has asked the demonstrators to make their claims peacefully without violence, “it is necessary to claim peacefully,” he added.

Gen. Patrick Ngwebi Dube the commander of the Intervention Brigade forces (FIB) urged the people of Beni to allow MONUSCO and the FARDC to do their job to stop the massacres of the populations perpetrated by ADF rebels.

On Monday, youth Protesters in Beni took to the streets and attacked Monusco offices and ransacked their offices. The demonstrations in this city of North Kivu burned down the city hall and one of the local bases of the UN mission.

“What is going on here in Beni benefits the enemy; because we FIB, we continue to work with the FARDC. But know that if the population behaves well, it must recognize that it supports the enemy. Because, when our facilities are burned, it will delay the continuation of our actions,” the General said.

He reaffirmed the support of UN troops to the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“This work takes time, we are committed to achieving the goals. Let’s not stop us from doing our job. The opposite benefits the enemy who thinks he enjoys support from the population, “the FIB commander cautioned.