Gatsibo: Dasso Urged To Work Closely With Residents



Members of Gatsibo District Administration Security Support Organ (DASSO) are currently gathered for orientation from their National Coordinator ACP Sam Rumanzi.

ACP Sam Rumanzi has urged all Dasso members in the district to work closely with area residents and ensure that they also provide timely information on challenges within the district so that solutions are found on time.

During this same gathering, Dasso members in the district revealed that they have so far raised a total of Rwf12million in their savings scheme code named “Gatsibo Dasso Solidality” founded in 2015.

According to the district authorities, Dasso in Gatsibo district is composed of 100 members including 88 men and 12 female.

Dasso National Coordinator ACP Sam Rumanzi

Dasso in Gatsibo district recently got wide media attention when one of its female members Sylvia Uwihagurukiye picked an abandoned newly born baby and is currently taking care of this innocent baby.

“Before I picked the baby from the bush near the valley, others were afraid, after I picked him, he was 2 months old, I gave him the name of Ishimwe Ganza Sylvan,” she said.

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