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Game of Thrones Strongman Björnsson Thumped in First Boxing Match

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Game of Thrones actor and strongman Hafþór “Thor” Björnsson competed in his first boxing match — a close fight overall that ended with a very bloody face for The Mountain actor.

Björnsson, the second actor to play The Mountain in the Emmy-award-winning HBO fantasy series, became the first Titan Weight fighter in the history of boxing — weighing in at a staggering 344 pounds.

Footage of Björnsson’s first boxing fight against 217-pound heavyweight boxer Steven Ward was shared by Björnsson, courtesy of his YouTube page.  

The video begins with a highlight from the Jan. 16 fight in Dubai — when Björnsson delivered a blow to Ward’s shoulder, knocking him to the floor.

Then, we see the strongman and performer at his hotel in Dubai, preparing for the big fight. “I have to admit, I’m a little nervous,” The Mountain actor told the cameraman.

“Who wouldn’t be?” After a brief interview, the video shows the rest of the highlight reel, where Björnsson and Ward sparred back and forth in an overall close match.

By the end, the newly minted 6’9″ boxer walked away with a bloody face.

Björnsson started his boxing training prepared for a 3-round match with Ward since it was his first official time boxing in front of a crowd with an audience and cameras.

However, he intends to push it even further in upcoming events. Currently, he’s set to face-off against another heavyweight, Eddie Hall, in September.

The match is being referred to as “the Heaviest Boxing Match in History,” with Hall weighing in at over 300 pounds.

Björnsson’s athleticism placed him in the spotlight when he broke the world’s deadlift record at 501 kilograms, or 1,105 pounds, in May 2020.

Prior to his Game of Thrones fame, the strongman won Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer’s Arnold Strongman Classic, as well as Europe’s Strongest Man and the famed World’s Strongest Man competition.

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