Gakenke District Completes Its New Home



The leadership of Gakenke district in Northern Province of Rwanda are gearing up for the official letting into their new headquarters.

“Congratulations Gakenke District this is very amazing District Head Quarters for a visionary Leadership,” said Northern Province Governor Marie Vianney Gatabazi.

According to the district authorities, construction of this double storey complex with two wings begun on March 4, 2019 under facilitation from Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA).

With this new facility, public services delivery is expected to speed up coupled with efficiency since most departments will have office space in one building.

Statistics institute of Rwanda puts the total population of Gakenke district at slightly above 345,000 residents. This also represents 17% of the total population of Northern Province and 3.2% of the total population of Rwanda.

Authorities of this district say this part of the country is positioning itself as an agro processing and mining hub.

The district boasts of expanse land suitable for agribusiness activities like growing passion fruits, pineapple and coffee to enable agriculture export; wheat and beans cultivation; cattle keeping for fresh milk production; mineral deposits and quarries. Arts and crafts, especially tailoring, are another potential of Gakenke District that can be exploited.

There is huge potential in Coffee value chain, fruits including pineapple, passion fruits and banana value chains, piggery value chain and mining value chain. These value chains have been chosen because they are currently the largest source of income for the people in Gakenke District.

Gakenke also has considerable deposits of minerals such as cassiterite, coltan, clay and stones.

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