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‘From War To Business’, North Kivu Rebrands


DRC’s Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Planning, Élysée Munembwe has called for cleaning up of the North Kivu Province and make itself ready for business.

“We must clean up the border posts in North Kivu by ensuring the presence of only services authorized to provide them and make our economy competitive,” she said.

She made these remarks while chairing a workshop convened in the provincial capital Goma on October 16 aimed at raising awareness and popularising the reforms carried out by the government in the context of the climate business for the Provincial Assembly, the Provincial Government and the private sector.

According to her, “this could facilitate business practice, strengthen legal and judicial security, clean up our taxation and para-taxation, fight against the unfair competition to which our economic operations are forced, fight against fraudulent traffic in goods, find a solution to the difficulties of supplying inputs for local industries ”.

“To all this, we must add the security of goods and people, which is a real concern. This situation is a real threat to the inclusion of entrepreneurship and the development of local industry in the Province of North Kivu and subject to confront the position of those who have opted to move into the informal sector to escape the tax authorities and the hassles that no longer need to be counted and various perceptions that are put in place from day to day,” She said.

The Workshop was organized by the DRC’s National Agency for the Promotion of Investments (ANAPI).

Its main purpose is to raise awareness and popularize the reforms initiated to improve the business climate, involve public administrations, the private sector, and the various stakeholders in the process of improving the business climate to ensure ownership at the provincial level, communicate on the various opportunities presented by the province of North Kivu.

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