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With New Tap&Go App, Passengers Can Now Book Tickets Online

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Travelling to remotest parts of Rwanda may never be the same again with the launch of a new App that seeks to make booking for tickets much easier and very convenient for passengers.

A Rwandan tech company AC Group Ltd has unveiled new App enabling intending travellers on public transport system to book their tickets online and would be sent a receipt with a QR code and can board a bus from anywhere they are.

The ticketing operator normally with a scanner will require the passenger to produce a receipt from which the QR code is scanned and the passenger boards the bus.

Taarifa had a conversation with the AC group Staff at their booth on the sidelines of the ongoing Transform Africa Summit and learned that this company known for its smart payments Tap&Go is planning to expand its services outside Kigali.

“We have 1.5million subscribers to the Tap&Go smart payment system but we are spreading outside Kigali to also serve upcountry travellers.”

Residents in Kigali, enjoy a highly efficient public transport system served by dozens of transport companies which all use the Tap&Go service.

“You can simply buy the card from any service agent, load it with money and tap it on the card reader at the bus entrance.”

Outside Rwanda, more countries are embracing this unique local innovation. For example STECY buses in Yaounde city, Cameroon are already using Tap&Go for convenient transport navigation.