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Former Agriculture Minister Daphrose Gahakwa Detained


Rwanda prosecution said Friday that Daphrose Gahakwa the former Agriculture Minister has been put behind bars to assist investigations into allegations of corruption and conflict of interest committed while she was still serving.

Faustin Nkusi, the spokesperson of the National Public Prosecution Authority said that Dr.Gahakwa has been under investigation for allegedly having awarded an Irrigation feasibility study contract valued in billions of francs, irregularly to her son in law who immediately appointed Dr Gahakwa’s husband, Mr Gahakwa, as head and sole consultant for the project.

The contract itself got marred by performance irregularities and ended controversially.

NPPA says that all the pieces of evidence are now available and wants Dr Gahakwa prosecuted for the alleged conflict of interest and corruption.

The Auditor General has repeatedly cited suspicious contracting and contract performance malpractices that cause significant losses of taxpayer funds.

The fight against corruption is in high gear following a number of high level public and private sector individuals currently facing justice at the various levels of the courts.

In April 2018, Dr Gahakwa along with three other RAB officials was dismissed by the Prime Minister.

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