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Foreigners Attached To Congolese Conservation Agency ICCN Threatened

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Foreigners working for  the Congolese Institute for the Conservation of Nature (ICCN) are worried of their safety following a growing public anger against them.

Reports reaching Taarifa indicate that the local population in town of Kyubo, Haut-Katanga accuses ICCN of attempts to rob the concession of the Upemba National Park for the erection of a hydroelectric dam by a foreign company.

This Monday March 15, a protest march was organized in Kyubo, more than 200 kilometers from Lubumbashi among which the agents of Kipay Energy are expressing their dissatisfaction with what they see as blocking the construction of a hydroelectric dam on an area belonging to the Upemba National Park.

Justicia Asbl a non-profit association for the defense and promotion of human rights has denounced threats against foreign officials of the ICCN. It calls on the political and administrative authorities of Haut-Katanga to ensure the safety of foreign nationals of ICCN and their partners in the face of these threats.

Justicia Asbl warns that messages against foreign nationals could lead to human rights violations attributable to the manipulators of these masses.

This manipulation, which began with the publication of pamphlets against foreign officials of ICCN in the local media, is exacerbated these days by the instrumentalisation of the youth in order to attack foreign nationals and ICCN partners.

The officials and agents of the Upemba Park have lived in insecurity for a while. The conservator of Upemba National Park was killed on Saturday December 15 in Kyalwe, in Mitwaba territory (Haut-Katanga).

According to the provincial office of the Congolese Institute for the Conservation of Nature (ICCN), the victim was shot dead by armed men while returning from the nearby town of Kyubo by motorbike.

Two armed men allegedly asked him to stop. Following the curator’s refusal, they shot him, said Upemba Park officials.