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Father Thomas Nahimana Peddles Rumour Of His ‘Death in Car Accident’



Fugitive Father Thomas Nahimana has been peddling rumour of his own death that he had succumbed to an accident this Monday however there are scanty details.

“Rwandans; With deep sorrow we announce the sad news of our leader Father Thomas Nahimana who passed away in a car accident this morning,” via a genericl twitter handle under the names of Faustin Twagiramungu the former Rwandan Prime Minister.

The controversial priest had in the past years scorned the government in Kigali while openly denying the 1994 genocide against Tutsi, a crime in Rwanda.

Father Thomas Nahimana espoused the MDR-PARMEHUTU political agenda which seeks to exterminate the Tutsi.

The MDR-PARMEHUTU is an abbreviation for ethnic extremist Republican Democratic Movement – Parmehutu created more than 60 years ago by Rwanda’s first Prime Minister Gregoire Kayibanda.

It should be remembered that in 1961, Prime Minister Gregoire Kayibanda summoned all his party members to a meeting that turned the page in Rwanda’s Political History. The meeting resolved to ban the Monarch.

It was decided during the meeting that a national referendum be set for September 25th in the same year – the so called “Kamparampaka”. And it indeed was; following an ethnically charged vote, Rwanda became a Republic.

Millions of Tutsi were expelled, housed in reservation sites, killed and all their property confiscated. The “apocalypse” – as it had been designed, was in 1994 when a million lives were lost in the Genocide against Tutsi. This is the political agenda controversial Priest Nahimana so much subscribed to and was seeking to return to Rwanda and reinvigorate it.

Father Thomas Nahimana Was Disowned By Catholic Church

Controversial Priest Nahimana was by 2011 publishing the Leprophete website which carried very seditious and divisive content that pushed for civil disobedience and denial of 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

On May 12th, 2011, the Catholic Church of Rwanda distanced itself from the divisive remarks by the two catholic priests, Thomas Nahimana and Fortunatus Rudakemwa.

Nahimana, a former priest at Muyange Parish in Nyamasheke District, fled Rwanda in 2005 and settled in France. He fled the country after embezzling large sums of money from ASOFI Sangwa Muyange Microfinance. The funds were meant to cover medical insurance for girls in Muyange Parish.

The Episcopal Conference – the supreme body of the Catholic Church in Rwanda disowned the priest and said, “He should be prosecuted like any other Rwandans who violate the law but not as Catholic priests.”

Planned Return To Rwanda

In December 2016, Nahimana had announced that he would fly back to Rwanda and resettle after more than a decade in self-imposed exile but did not show up.

Later in 2017, the Priest once again set a date for his return but changed his mind after details behind his previously scheduled date were published.

On November 23rd 2017, Kenya Airways refused him boarding plane from transit in Nairobi – citing “directive from Rwanda” not to travel to Kigali with him among its passengers.

Several weeks later, President Paul Kagame told a closed-door Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) congress that he did not think it was the appropriate decision.

President Kagame said Nahimana should have been allowed into the country to open way for the ‘judiciary to do its job’. Immediately, Nahimana seized on the moment to “thank” the President, but again set January 28th, 2017 as the new return date.


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